Creative Jam

Creative Jam - a contemporary based creative dance and movement class for 11 - 13 year olds.

Creative Jam – a contemporary based creative dance and movement class for 11 – 13 year olds.

Create. Move. Imagine.

Dialogue Dance creates an expressive, energetic movement class for 11 -13 year olds, with a range of abilities and experiences. In a Creative Jam class children will have the opportunity to compose their own unique dance material. They will investigate actions, space, dynamics and relationships.

Whether it’s in school at a lunch time session for inclusion, Gifted and Talented, class session , after school session or at a local Community settingCreative Jam sessions are a fun way to explore National Curriculum Objectives, engage children creatively in a cross curricular context, to nurture their expressiveness and imagination. Creative Jam sessions can be planned as a series of connected themes or individual sessions to foster a diverse range of curricular objectives from History to Maths. What an exciting way to access learning, express yourself and promote a positive physical lifestyle!

Curl,                 twist,               collapse,                 dart,                      lunge,             explode.

In a Creative Jam class children will make, perform and respond:

  • explore movement vocabulary from a range of stimulus,
  • build choreography,
  • share their creative material
  • respond to material.

Aims of Creative Jam:

  • Develop communication through movement
  • Enhance language and literacy skills
  • Strengthen the ability to listen to and follow directions
  • Develop problem solving skills through solving movement tasks
  • Increase body awareness and release energy through positive physical activity

A Creative Jam session also creates opportunities to:

  • Socialise with peers
  • Develop creativity through response to a range of stimulus
  • Promote physical fitness through movement and dance skills

If you would like Dialogue Dance to bring Creative Jam to your setting or, if you want to get in touch for further information please send an email to alternatively, you can leave a message on my contact page, or call on 0787 709 1833.