Afternoon Jam

Dialogue Dance Theatre creating a positive impact on older people's health and weltive movement and dance.

Afternoon Jam – A Class for Older People

Dialogue Dance aims to have a positive impact on older people’s health and well-being through creative movement and dance.

Create. Move. Imagine.

A place and space in which individuals’ can express imagination to a wide range of stimulus, encourage creativity and movement of body – tapping of fingers.


Aims of the session:

  • to create fun, gentle active movement
  • promote physical health benefits including improvements in balance, strength and gait ( helping to reduce falls)
  • opportunities to socialise with peers helping overcome feelings of isolation and depression
  • develop creativity, emotional wellbeing including reaction times and cognitive skills
  • develop an active ageing lifestyle

Afternoon Jam is inclusive, sessions are tailored to match the physical capabilities of an older person.These activities immediately create a feeling of well being, physical and mental interaction with peer group, so promoting active ageing aswell as challenging isolation. Through greater self confidence and self esteem Afternoon Jam challenges negative stereotypes of ageing.

” We will all grow old one day – if we have that privilege, that is. Let us therefore look at older people not as people separate from ourselves but as our future selves. And let us recognize that older people are all individuals with individual strengths and needs, not a group that are all the same because of their age”.

Kofi Annan (2002) UN World Assembly on Aging Madrid

If you would like Dialogue Dance to bring Afternoon Jam to your setting or, if you want to get in touch for further information please send an email to alternatively, you can leave a message on my contact page or call on 0787 709 1833.