Adult Beginner’s Jam

Dialogue dance theatre - adult beginner's creative movement

Adult Beginner’s Jam – an introductory contemporary and creative dance, movement class for beginners 18+.

Create. Move. Imagine.

Dialogue Dance creates an environment and space, in which individuals have opportunities, to investigate movement vocabulary and create unique, personal and relevant dance material from a range of starting points and stimulus.

Adult Beginner’s Jam introduces adults to creative thought and processes through the language of movement. Adults will make, share and respond to dance material. In each session adults will engage with the key elements of movement: action, space, dynamics and relationships.

Adult Beginner’s Jam also creates opportunities to:

  • Develop communication through movement
  • Develop problem solving skills through solving movement tasks
  • Increase body awareness and release energy through positive physical activity
  • Socialise with peers
  • Develop creativity through response to a range of stimulus
  • Promote physical fitness through movement and dance skills

If you would like Dialogue Dance to bring Adult Beginner’s Jam to your setting or, if you want to get in touch for further information please send an email to alternatively, you can leave a message on my contact page or call on 0787 709 1833.