2-5yrs      Words and Wiggles  Create and share with your grown-up

Words and Wiggles – a fun class for little people to create movement and dance through words, play and music.

5-7yrs      Creative Dance

Creative Dance – a fun, creative dance and movement class for 5 – 7 year olds.

7-11yrs    Movement Jam

Movement Jam – an energetic, creative movement and dance class for children  7-11 yrs, to explore actions, space, dynamics and relationships.

11-13 yrs Creative Jam

Creative Jam – a contemporary based creative dance and movement class for 11 – 13 year olds.

Over 50′s Afternoon Jam

Dialogue Dance aims to have a positive impact on older people’s health and well-being through creative movement and dance.

Post-natal Mum’s  Post-natal Jam Express yourself, share with new baby

Post Natal Jam – a gentle body conditioning, creative movement and dance class for new mum’s.

18+  Adult Beginner’s Jam

Adult Beginner’s Jam – an introductory contemporary and creative dance, movement class for beginners 18+.

If you would like Dialogue Dance to bring a language and movement class to your setting or, if you want to get in touch for further information please send an email to alternatively, you can leave a message on my contact page or call on 0787 709 1833.