All about Dialogue Dance – origins and approach.

About DD

Create. Move. Imagine

So, what is Dialogue Dance?

Well, …. dialogue (n.) 1. conversation between two people, 2. a conversation in a literary or dramatic work, 3. a discussion between representatives of two nations or groups.

Dialogue Dance explores and nurtures creativity, language, expressive movement and creative dance for all ages and experiences.

Communication……essential to early years growth and development; vital to help children understand the world around them; fundamental to our health and well being at any age,  key to the nurture of creativity and central to the making and extension of friendships.

Dialogue Dance is an organic development from my years as a qualified primary school teacher, history graduate, raising my children, pursuing a love of dance, creative expression and studying dance. The key ethos of my approach is creative investigation of the four key elements of movement: action, space, dynamics and relationships, tailored to the ages and needs of the participants, using a diverse range of starting points.

In my teaching experience I have found this exciting and engaging for participants as it accesses a wide range of learning styles. I actively engage in extending my own professional development.  I am a member of The Foundation for Community Dance which is committed to the development and delivery of best practice of dance in the community.

Dance is a channel through which we can express ourselves and communicate to each other, inherent in that is the dialogue that takes place in the creation of dance. Dance and communication, essential to our health, well being and creativity.

If you would like Dialogue Dance to bring a language and movement class to your setting or, if you want to get in touch for further information please send an email to alternatively, you can leave a message on my contact page, or call on 0787 709 1833.